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Welcome to TechnoKill Pest Solutions, who are specialists in all aspects of pest control and pest prevention services for customers in Nottingham, Leicester, Derby and the surrounding areas. Mainly providing our pest control in Nottingham, we pride ourselves on providing a discreet and competitive priced service to both commercial and domestic customers. We have a team who have sound knowledge in all types of pest control and pest controllers that carry out all work professionally, quickly, efficiently and to the highest of standards set by the industry.

What Pests?

We help our customers become rid of their pest infestation through exterminating all types pests. Our group provides some of the best pest control services in Nottingham and treat pests such as wasps, bees, bedbugs, woodlice and many more. Our team works hard and smart, quickly and efficiently to ensure that our customers are content with our services and are always given lots of advice, assistance and knowledge about becoming completely free of pests.

What Accomodations?

It does not matter to us whether pests have invaded a hotel or a restaurant, a three bedroom house or a mansion, every pest exterminator, who is part of Technokill pest control, is ready to help our customers become totally rid of these pesky creatures, and make our customers, feel carefree and comfortable in their homes, restaurants and hotels.

If you feel that you have a pest infestation, feel free to give us a call/contact us and we will thoroughly inspect your accommodation and treat any pest related problems to the highest level as well as answer any questions you may have about our work and pest control.

All pest control technicians are time served, trained and fully qualified to RSPH Level 2 standards. In addition to this, we are proud to be a member of British Pest Control Association (BPCA).

Rates and Prices

There are various types of pests, therefore some pests may be easier to terminate compared to other peskier pests. This means that some pests may use up more time to be fully exterminated and other pests may not take so long.

In addition to this, the number of treatments used  may also effect the final price because if more treatments are needed then that would mean that the pest technician also has to use more of his product. Some of these products can be expensive and can sometimes effect the total price of a full treatment.

Moreover, the amount of rooms to be treated will also be a factor in determining the overall price of the treatment. This is due to the fact that more room’s, which are infested by pests, will require for a pest technician to use more treatments: if a pest exterminator needs to use more treatments it is clear that he/she is using more of the product needed to treat pests, purchasing these products can be expensive sometimes, thus using more of a product may affect the overall price of a treatment.

Similiarly, the size of the infestation will also play a role in deciding the final price. This is because more rooms means that more treatments will be needed to exterminate all the pests in each individual room.

Where Do We Operate?

We mainly offer pest control services in Nottingham; however we can also provide pest control services for pest prevention in the cities of Derby, Birmingham, Leicester and some more surrounding areas.

It is understandable that it may be distressing to discover a pest infestation at your accommodation but fear not because we cover many parts of the UK therefore you never have to worry about not having a pest control service near you and we also give it our 100% to ensure that our customers feel secure and comfortable in their homes by making them pest free.

Moreover, we do not work on an hourly basis, which means that when a technician comes to a pest infested area, he/she will make sure that the pest infestation is thoroughly checked and effectively treated using the correct equipment: it does not matter how long the process takes, however, we try our best to complete the process as efficiently as possible to make sure that your time is not wasted and to make sure that we do not hold you back on your work.

Our Team also provides pest control to customers in Leicester. Leicester has many restaurants and which means there are vast amounts of food, which gets imported in Leicester. With this the probability of having a pest infection also increases as pests have a tendency to settle in food rich areas.

Technokill also provides pest control to customers in Derby. This is because Derby is fairly close to Nottingham and we also have extremely quick responses for customers in Derby. One of our teams main goal is customer satisfaction and approval; to achieve this we always make sure that we arrive on the decided time, and get the job done as thoroughly as possible.

We provide fast and efficient pest control services for all customers in Nottingham and Nottinghamshire. This is because we are mainly based in Nottingham and we can provide extremely quick emergency pest control, for customers that really need it. If you live in Nottingham we can usually do the job on the day you called us, regardless of whether you called us in an emergency or not. We have fast response times.

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There are many pests in the UK. The most common of these pests can be classed into three categories: rodents, insects and birds. These pests can spread disease, contaminate food or damage furniture, therefore it is probably a good idea to call a pest controller to handle the situation, if you ever come across any of these three types of pest near your accommodation.


Rodents belong to the order of mammals called the Rodentia. Rodent pests can be recognised by the excessive and never stopping growth of their two front teeth. A pair of never stopping teeth can cause rodents problems with eating, Which could result in death, therefore rodents gnaw on furniture, wires and other objects to keep their teeth at a good size, unfortunately many of these things can be found at your house, which means that your furniture ends up being damaged and destroyed. In addition to this rodents can also leave their droppings all over a property. Some examples of Rodents include the black rat, the brown rat and the house mouse.


Insects belong to a class called Insecta/Hexapoda. Insect pests can be distinguished by their segmented bodies. All Insects have three major characteristics, which allow pest controllers to identify them. These three major parts of the Insect are its head, thorax and its abdomen. An Insects head, which is the first of three segments, holds the mouth parts, antennae and eyes. Secondly, an insects thorax, which is the second segment of the insect’s body, contains the legs and sometimes wings. Lastly, the insects abdomen holds the reproductory, excretory and digestive systems. Many insects can cause harm and irritation to pets and many insects can also spread disease.  Some examples of insect pests are Bedbugs, Fleas, Aphids, Clothes moths and many more.


Birds belong to a class called the aves. These pests can be distinguished by pest technicians by their toothless beaks, feathers, hard-shelled eggs and light weight skeletons. Many birds have acidic droppings, so the exteriors of many houses may be corroded because of the droppings of birds. Moreover it has been reported that birds have used lit cigarettes to build their nest; clearly this poses a risk of a fire. In addition to this many birds may find refuge near the back of many buildings, and many birds may flock together in one place:  birds flocking together can be bad for a business because many birds can make a restaurant, or a hotel less appealing to its customers. There are many examples of bird pests such as the Feral pigeon, Common myna, Red-billed quelea and the Hadadas ibis.

Pest Control Nottingham/Nottinghamshire, Pest Control NG1/ NG2/ NG3/ NG4/ NG5/ NG6/ NG7/ NG8/ NG9/ NG10/ NG11/ NG12/ NG13/ NG14/ NG15
Pest Control Nottingham/Nottinghamshire, Pest Control NG1/ NG2/ NG3/ NG4/ NG5/ NG6/ NG7/ NG8/ NG9/ NG10/ NG11/ NG12/ NG13/ NG14/ NG15